Kenny Dalglish April 2017

From A Field To Anfield:

Kenny Dalglish Foreword

“If you look over Nick’s Liverpool career in the context of the club as a whole, there was probably nothing outstanding about it, but nor was there anything disastrous. He was a good, steady player – an honest and dedicated player, who adapted to a new position on the field and gave everything to stay in the team. The best teams don’t have the eleven best players – you need people to come in and do a job, and complement those around them, and Nick worked hard to ensure he could be that kind of player for Liverpool. If you play in defence, you have to enjoy defending and he played as if he did enjoy that side of the game, even when he wasn’t necessarily in his preferred position. Nick certainly doesn’t have anything to worry about in terms of how he acquitted himself during his time at the club – the fact he spent five years there, and would have been there longer but for injury, proves that.

It cannot have been easy making the move from the third division, and coming from a club and city where he was established and knew everyone, especially arriving into a squad that had been so successful over such a long period of time. Fortunately for everyone, though, it turned out well – and, for £20,000, I don’t think anyone could ever say Nick didn’t provide value for money as a Liverpool player”